Monday, May 08, 2006




God desires to a people or a person with whom He can habitate with, in the midst of, just like Adam & Eve experienced before the fall. We cry out for revival asking God for a "visitation", but God isn't interested in visiting and then leaving. He wants full custody of our lives. Visitation is when a "parenting plan" determines how much impact each parent will have on their child(ren). When and where they can see their kids and even what they can do. God has no intention of bringing "revival" He wants to bring habitation, on His terms. His terms are much bigger, grander, and just plain better than ours.God will not share custody of us with another. Scriptures are full of references to the "jealousy" of God. Jesus deserves full custody of our lives. He has no intention of sharing us with another.

Revival is asking God for visitation. Habitation is asking God to make a resting place for His Spirit in our lives so that we are changed and then can produce fruit that remains.--the fruit of the Spirit.


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