Saturday, July 29, 2006

A Mystery To Ponder

“It is all about the Holy Spirit!”

The mystery of the indwelling Holy Spirit; the God who created the Universe, parted the Red Sea, Raised the dead; now the indwelling presence of the His Spirit lives in me. I ponder this mystery daily; I think it is the hardest thing to comprehend in Christianity.

People died when the touched the Ark of the Covenant, priests feared for the lives when entering the Holy of Holies. Now He dwells in me. I wonder when God breathed His very breath into Adam, if His breath was not His Spirit. I have always thought that it was the “glory of God” that left Adam and Eve when they sinned. I even surmised that it was the serpent who “told them they were naked.” Now, I wonder if it wasn’t the indwelling breath of God; the Holy Spirit. We know God met with Adam and Eve in the cool of the day; but did the Holy Spirit dwell within them? If He did, that would explain the instant loss that Adam and Eve experienced. If the Holy Spirit did not dwell within them, than that would mean that we have the potential for even greater fellowship with God than they did. All of this while we are still without resurrected, glorified bodies.

Now this is an amazing thing, I always meditated on Genesis and thought wow, what would it have been like to walk with Him daily in the Garden? I reflected upon it as though Adam had something more, than I did. Now I realize a little more the precious treasure that is within this earthen jar.

Holy Spirit, I acknowledge your presence, and give recognition to you as “Christ within”. The Father and the Son reached down to my lifeless corpse and breathed the very breath of God into these dry bones. Then my eyes opened and felt your presence within. Life within me! Holy Spirit teach me to commune with you. Let our times together be so precious that I would sooner die than neglect you. You are not a force, a thing, an experience, or electricity…you are God. The third person of the blessed Trinity. – Amen.


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