Monday, September 18, 2006

Camel Track's...Jesus is in the Koran

Camel Tracks


I am grateful to King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, Islamic Founda-tion, and others who are translating the Arabic Koran into all languages of the world. I feel blessed as I read the Koran in my mother tongue. Since less than 20% of Muslims around the world speak Arabic as their mother tongue, my heart is sadden-ed as I realize that most Muslims rely on someone else to explain the Koran to them. In other words, they hear the messages in the Koran through the eyes of another. Today, this is not necessary.

Allah wants YOU to understand His messages. How can we obey Him if we do not clearly understand what Allah says? Muslims living before the prophet Muhammad understood what Allah said because Allah spoke to them in their language. This story illustrates the need to clearly understand Allah’s messages:

An Arabic owner of a garment factory in India wrote a letter in Arabic to the factory workers telling them that they should stop making red shirts and start making yellow shirts. In addition, for their hard work, they would receive a bonus at the end of the month if they worked hard. The Arabic owner spoke neither Urdu nor Hindi, but his office manager spoke Arabic, Urdu, and Hindi.

The Indian office manager read the letter in Arabic to the factor workers and then placed the letter on the table in front of the employees. The employees were happy to receive the letter, but did not change from making red shirts to yellow ones. When the factory owner found out that his factory was still making red shirts, he was very upset with the manager and the factor workers. He decided to hire a new factory manager and new workers. The Arabic owner wants to work with people who clearly understand his orders. In addition, he is willing to bless those obey his orders with a bonus.

Do not miss out on Allah’s blessings. Do not rely on someone else to tell you the message of Allah. Please find a Koran translated into your language and together let’s find a treasure that will change your life.

For the next few days I will be posting sections from "Camel Tracks", which is a great tool for reaching Muslims for Christ. Muslims are coming to the Lord, even in this time of great turmoil.


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