Sunday, November 12, 2006

There He Hung

There He hung.
The Son, in utter agony.

The pain was unbearable.
The pain was overwhelming.

The physical pain was overbearing.
Yet, another pain overshadowed.

His very heart was being ripped.
His very heart was experiencing
The unthinkable.

Never before had this been experienced.
Not since before the beginning of time.

The Father,
The Son,

For eternity,
Before the created,
They, the three in one,
Were in perfect communion.

Never was one without the other.
Always in perfect love.
Always in perfect communion.

Perfect communion,
Now broken.

Overbearing pain.
That intimacy now broken.

He had called Him Abba,
Father of an unheard intimacy.

Never in all creation
Was there such
A communing of intimacy.

Never in all history
Past, present, future,
Will there ever be,
Like that of the Father,
The Son,
The Spirit.

Now the Son hung,
Hung in anguish.
He had accepted the cup.
The cup of separation.

He cries out for His Father.
His Abba.
The reply is silent.
He is unanswered.

The Son’s heart breaks again.
The deepest heart connection

The Father,
How He was in anguish.
He was separated from His only Son.

Separated to give justice.
Giver of Love
Now a giver of wrath.

It was this that the Son
It was this the Son
Asked to be taken from Him.
It was this that blood poured
Down His face in sweat.

Sweat in anguish of the separation.
Sweat for the cup to come.

It was there it began.
It was on the cross it finished.

It was as He hung.
It was as He lashed out.

It was there that God,
The greatest heartbreak
Ever known.

All for me.
All for you.
All for us.

God experienced the
Most excruciating,
Most painful,
Most heartbreaking,
For us.

The Father,
The Son,
The Spirit.
Each in part fully experienced
The pain
That paid.

The pain that paid
So, you
So, I
Could be invited.

Invited into the
Divine Communion of Love.

The price was high.
The invitation extended.

Will you enter?
Will you now accept?

Kevin Samuel


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