Thursday, November 23, 2006

What Is Your Favorite Thanksgiving Dish?

So what is it? The comfort food that you look forward to this holiday. Why don't you eat it more than once a year? There is an incredible jello I love...most jello things are gross. But Grandma Rosella made one that was to delicious! What food do you HATE? Yams...definitely disgusting. Since we moved from Seattle, I have missed mom's pies, often incredible berry ones in addition to the standards. I always had at least one of each. The there is the stuffing...more flavorful than anything stove top or Pepridge Farms ever dreamed up. We tried recreating it, but alas the recipe is not written down and it is sorta just tossed together. Delicious.

Any family traditions around Thanksgiving? Serious or funny what are they? As a kid I used to go see a movie every Thanksgiving with my best friend Ken. It was our tradition, even continued it a few times into our adulthood.

We just started our own...this will be our second year in a row of going to a Park to feed the homeless, drug addicted and rejected of society, with Rhonda & Danny. I've gone to the Mission before, but this is a little more raw. These are the people who won't go to a homeless shelter. Often because they are so strung out. We gather in a park and serve meals (more than 400 last year). The kids help too and are not allowed to play at the Park because of needle dangers. Last year they feed more than 400 people. Rhonda & Danny go to this inner city park every week with a team of friends from IHOP and neighboring churches. They've earned the trust and respect of the homless community. Last year was cold below 40'F today is supposed to be a record 70'F. Leave Your Comments, Please!

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