Monday, March 12, 2007

What's Got You Bound?

Have you ever been to the Circus and notice the elephants. It not uncommon to see a group of elephants tethered together only by small ropes attached to the ring of a leg shackle. Why is it that these large powerful creatures seldom break away from such a relativly "weak" restraint? They definitely are powerful enough to break free of this "bondage." Why don't they all just shake free?

The answer lies in conditioning. When Elephants are very young these elephants are chained by the leg to strong stakes. Initially they struggle for weeks to free themselves. However, gradually over a period of weeks they grow conditioned to believe they can't move about freely when they are tied by the right rear leg. From the moment this conditioning takes hold you can tie them with a string and they won't move. The Elephants at the circus don't move because they believe they can't. The chains in their "minds" were stronger than any rope, chain, or restraint known to man.

So you are saying to yourself, "Whats this got to do with me?" The Lord has been highlighting, "The Fear of Man" lately, you know where you don't do something or say something because you fear failure, redicule, or rejection. 2 Tim 1:77 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. NKJV

Fear has robbed the church from so much. How many Pastors fail to speak the truth because of fear? How many fail to live as God as called us to because of fear? How many ministries are never started because fear keeps us chained? How many people stay in careers they despise because of fear? How many are never healed because we feared looking foolish if we prayed for them and nothing happened? How many times do we miss sharing Jesus with someone because of fear? You fill in the blank.

But the strength of this type of fear is in our minds. It has no basis in reality. The worst that could happen to us in these situations is much bigger in our minds than in reality. The fear is in our minds; God hasn't conditioned our minds to think and respond like this. We've done it on our own with some additional conditioning by principalities and rulers of darkness.

A small rope is holding you back from something...ask Jesus to help you snap it! Cause you got work to accomplish today!



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Thank you for the excellent reminder!


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