Thursday, April 19, 2007

No It Wasn't Just A Nightmare...It Really Happened!

They are more than just nameless/faceless people. They are daughters, sons, husbands, wives, a grandfather and holocaust survivor. They are image bearers...created in the Image of God...their lives snuffed out prematurely by evil. The New York time has a page with pictures and biographies of these real people.
Why do we pray? Why a 24/7 House of Prayer? Isn't this a bit extreme, doesn't Jesus want us to be normal and fit into society? No, he wants us to be rescue you personnel sent from His Kingdom to reach as many as will say Yes to His offer of LIFE! We pray because our prayers are effective and hold back darkness. As more is learned about this killer and his profile, we must ask ourselves why aren't there more of these attacks? I belive it is because our prayers (believers all over the world) restrain evil and influences people to restrain wickedness.
Today as you pray remember these families and pray for those in your neighborhood, office, school, or jobsite that might "snap"...pray they will respond to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and change. Pray that the seducing voice of the "Accuser", "The Liar" "The Deciever" will be diminished.
Pray also for the Family of this murderer! How terrible their pain, loss, and grief is this day! Lift them up. Oh, that someday family members of victims could show compassion and forgivness to these victims also, just as the Amish did when their children were murdered at school.
Lord, cause your church to rise up and be the church. Fill us with the life of your Word and the Power of Your Spirit that we may have something of true value to give the world aroung us. Father cause us to realize the power of our prayers though they seem weak to us they are mighty in the Spirit Realm. Give a hunger, desire, and passion to pray in the heart of all Christ-Followers.


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