Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Healing Testimonies

I read Leonard Jones' Blog regularly and wanted to share this testimony. God is so good. I am so in love with You...Jesus. The stuff is real the reason we don't see more of it is because we fail to ask or we quit asking when we appear to fail!
"We rode over to Franklin, North Carolina on Monday and tried to check into the Comfort Inn. I kept ringing the bell and no one came. Finally, a girl came out with tears in her eyes and said she had some kind of bladder infection. I make it a habit to pray for people that come right out and say they are sick, no matter who is around. So I asked if we could pray for her, much to the surprise of the people waiting to check in. Chuck Mervin and I laid hands on her and God healed her. It seems that the gospel works better outside of church meetings. Although I absolutely love to meet together with other believers, and worship and hear the Word, it seems that the signs and wonders come easier outside. LEO"



At 9:14 AM, Anonymous Mark H said...

They sure do! ;-)


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