Monday, May 15, 2006

Thoughts from a friend

"Thinking yesterday while driving...Love is the great enlarger of the heart isn' it. How we limit the power of love to enlarge our hearts when we don't remain in Him, remain in His love. How limitless could our hearts be in ability to love Him and one another...could it even be measured...oh, we must come into this love walk in all its dimensions, all it nuances, its hints and subtle ways. I can give my body to be burned, I can give all my finances to the poor, I can have faith that raises the dead, I can have giftings and callings and anointings, I can have knowledge and revelation...I can have it all, and not have love and have a small heart, isn't that amazing. Enlarge my heart in love, by love, with love, because of love, for love...oh God, till it has no borders, no walls, no boundaries, no barriers..."

Thoughts from a friend


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