Thursday, June 29, 2006

Alive From The Inside Out

I don’t want to live on the outside, I want to live from the inside out. I don’t want to live for the approval of men, I seek your blessed words, “Well, done thou good and faithful.” Lord, I read these things we call the beatitudes and I know I can never cultivate them apart from you.

Come into your garden; weed, prune, and cultivate your garden. Oh, by your Spirit help me to prepare a place for you. Come into your garden, come into your garden. Lord, just as you prepared a Garden for you and Adam to fellowship, commune, and simply rest in each others presence, by your spirit cultivate my heart into that Garden.

I am no longer my own; I am your garden. I am no longer my own; I am your garden. Your place of habitation; let this garden been a place of beauty, serenity, and a pleasure that you long to dwell. I have allowed weeds to flourish come and remove them your hand. These are the many distractions of my heart. The vines that have overgrown come and prune them; these are the thoughts that have caused me to think more highly of myself than I should. Jesus come and change the landscape of my heart, form it into a Garden worthy of a king. Kings have beautiful gardens.

The Beatitudes are simply the picture of the garden you want to create in my heart. Lord amend the soil, in my heart, yes you do this through your word and your Spirit. Let me commune with you precious Holy Spirit. You are the river of living water that flows through our garden. Oh, let me jump into your river fully; your waters are refreshing, satisfying and life giving. Oh, transform me into this garden for your delight. This one thing I do; I leave it all behind and I press on—towards the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Your words & your Spirit these sustain me, refine me, cultivate me.

Come and sit with me in this garden. Hold me in your arms; I am changed in your presence. I bath in your glory and become new; a new creature in you my Lord Jesus


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