Monday, July 31, 2006

Wrestling Prayer

GENESIS 32:24-27

We read of Jacob the man that wrestled with God. Early in this chapter Jacob has agonized over how to meet his brother and survive. He has tried the political approach, “I’ll send an ambassador to try and prepare the way for me.” This human wisdom failed and Esau pursues them with 400 men.

Next he tries a military strategy and divides his company into two in hopes that if one is destroyed the others might escape. Finally, he realizes his need to pray; in full humility he approaches the Lord and asks for deliverance from the wrath of his brother. He reminds God of His promises to do good unto Jacob and make his seed a multitude.

After awhile in prayer he goes back to his human understanding and determines to send presents. Oh, how many times have I approached the place of prayer in faith and reminding the Lord and myself of His promises; only to leave the place of prayer and do something in my own strength?

Desperation grips Jacob as his imagination conceives of the horrible battle that will begin in the morning. He went to the solitary place of prayer, crying out in such agony, contending for an answer. The Lord must ensure that my brother does not destroy my family in his vengeance. The Lord must bless me! I imagine his agony in this place was a small token of what Jesus went through in the Garden of Gethsemane.

God could not resist blessing this one, but like he does with us He wanted Jacob to wrestle. He was so please that Jacob didn’t quit but through all of his emotions, senses, strength. The was a strength and an aggression that arose within Jacob, it wasn’t from him but from the Lord, faith to hold and not let go. This is the kind of faith and activity the Lord loves to bless. It’s the stuff the Sermon on the Mount is filled with.

God grant me this holy, righteous, passion, that won’t settle for anything less than all of your blessings!Lord, cause me to contend for your blessings so that none of them should fail to come to pass. Cause me to contend to know you as Jesus knows you. --Amen


At 8:25 AM, Blogger Ana Carolina Garrido said...

Hi Chris and Ivette!! How are you today? Yes, I love your blog...I love to learn about the Word of God!!
As to your question, I've never heard about the International House of Prayer in Kansas City...I would really like to know more about it!!! Have I mentioned I'm from Brazil?
So...have a very nice day!!!!


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