Monday, September 18, 2006

Timeless Thoughts For Us To Ponder

Would our church pass the Keith Green Test? Then again, how many churches would pass this? Our friend, Tomas from Chile read this the other day and sent it to Jason and I. It’s amazing that the words Green wrote from 20 some years ago, are still so relevant today:

“Our gospel did not come to you in word only, but also in power and in the Holy Spirit and with full conviction”. 1 Tess 1:5

"If the Holy Sprit left the churches in your town, would you ever know the differences? How would you tell? Would the church programs stop? Would the services change? Would the youth group be any different? How about the singles group? Our the Christian concerts? What about the spaghetti feed? Could a slick evangelist still bring people down the aisle through guilt? Could a persuasive pastor still get big offerings to pay for the stained glass windows, the organs and the buses? Could a sly charismatic still speak in tongues anytime he wanted to? Could a fundamentalist still quote his scriptures just as well?. It seems we don’t need the Holy Spirit in our churches anymore. We’ve got everything we need to make the machinery run smoothly. But look at our individual lives. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never needed the Holy Spirit in my life more than I do now. I need him to supply my every need, hour by hour, minute by minute. God wishes to bring true Holy Spirit – led revival to every city, to every church, including yours. The Holy Sprit wants to be so evident in the churches that if He suddenly leaves, everything would change and everyone will notice.The path to this kind of revival is through repentance and humility. Repentance from our hypocrisy, humility in that we can recognize we can do nothing apart from Him.Without this kind of revival, we can kiss our cities, our states, andour nation good bye. Judgment will come this land. There will come a time when being a Christian will cost your life. Nobody wants to hear this message. No one wants to believe our nation has lost its moral fiber. More than ever, in the midst of our decay, God calls us to make a stand for holiness, righteousness, and faith in the midst of a perverse generation. More than ever God calls us to pray for our families, our cities, our country, our churches, our pastors, our elders.Get down on your face and let the rivers pour out of your eyes and repentance pour out of your heart. Get before the throne of God and intercede. Grab hold of God and implore Him to sweep through our land with revival – true revival, not that which is dreamed to in the heart of man.If we pray, God will hear, but will we pray?"

Keith Green

Thanks to Jason and Krista


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