Friday, October 06, 2006

Camel Tracks The Entire Word Document.

This site contains the entire word document for the camel tracks information about how to reach Muslims through the Koran with the Gospel. Some requested the entire document and I kept forgeting to post the latest installment. More than anything pray for Muslims.
Who is Wolfgang Simson
Wolfgang Simson (1959) functions as a strategy consultant, researcher, theologian and journalist within various networks and regional and global strategy thing tanks. After working as a social worker and taxidriver in Stuttgart, Germany, he later graduated with an M.Th. from the Free Evangelical Theological Academy (Basel, Switzerland), where he later taught courses on Church Growth and Mission Strategy and became the assistant of the former Dean, Prof. Samuel K├╝lling. Since 1983 Wolfgang was involved in several churches in leadership positions as pastor, teacher and evangelist. After an extensive time of functioning as a Church Consultant he did postgraduate studies in Missions and Cultural Anthropology in Belgium and the USA (Fuller Seminary of World Mission). He did extensive and global research on growing churches, churchplanting movements and revival and mission breakthroughs, focussing on issues of completing the Great Comission by discipling nations through multiplying churches.Wolfgang is at home and involved in a regional transformational strategy called Rheinprojekt, a prototype of a regional reformation. This involves the development of prototypes of biblical, organic, culturally relevant and reproduceable churchplanting and discipling movements and include both the reinvention and transformation of healthy models of ekklesia, business, education, arts and media within a strategic geographic jurisdiction.
He has been working with the DAWN-Movement for over 11 years, been a board member of both the British, European and the German Church Growth Associations, member of the Lausanne Movement in Germany, editor of the The Fridayfax, and author of several books including Houses that change the world. He is of Hungarian, German and Jewish descent, and is married to Mercy (daughter of Eand author
Sadhu Chellappa, India). They have three sons, Jan, Eric and Benjamin, and have moved 1998 from vangelist Madras, South India to live in Germany.


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