Saturday, September 23, 2006

Camel Tracks Continued...Jesus loves the Muslim

Knowing that Allah does nothing by accident, all that Allah does is according to his perfect plan, why would Allah have ‘Isa born without a father? Has there ever been another prophet born without a father? What does this event mean to all Muslims?”

To answer these questions we must look closely at the life of Adam. In Imran 3:59, the Koran says that ‘Isa is like Adam. They were similar because each of these prophets did not have a father. Before Adam disobeyed Allah, he walked with Allah in the garden (heaven). Adam could live in Allah’s presence forever and talk to Allah because he did not have any sin, just like ‘Isa. Adam, at first, was righteous and holy because he was created from Allah’s Ruhullah. Once Adam committed disobedience to Allah, Adam became unholy and could no longer live together with Allah in the garden (heaven).

Read in the Koran 20:121: “Then they (Adam and his wife) both ate of it, so their shame became apparent unto them, and they began to hide by heaping on themselves some of the leaves of the garden, and Adam disobeyed his Lord and his nature became evil.”

Most certainly, all of us are children of Adam except one - his name is ‘Isa Masih. Apple trees produce only apples! Can an apple tree produce oranges? All humans born in Adam’s family inherit Adam’s nature. The curse of sin in Adam is being passed down among his decedents. ‘Isa is the only man who never sinned. He did not sin because he was not born in the blood line of Adam. He did not inherit Adam’s sin nature.

A friend asked me one day, “Why did Isa not inherit Adam’s evil nature through his mother, Maryam?” I answered his question in two parts. First, in the Taurat Sharif, the prophet Musa wrote that the nature of sin is passed only through the blood line of the father. Secondly, doctors tell us that when a baby is inside its’ mother, the two never share their blood. If the mother and baby’s blood ever mix, both could die. It is also known that a mother may not have the same blood type as her baby. Allah creates the baby’s blood from the man’s seed.


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