Thursday, November 23, 2006

Java Evangelist (is this the six fold ministry?)

Coffee educators gladly spread the java gospel

By Melissa AllisonSeattle Times business reporter

Call them the java evangelists.

Just 19 employees strong, they make up the front line of coffee devotion at Starbucks, enlightening everyone from the chief executive to the newest barista about all things related to the little brown bean.

Like buyers, they can taste the difference between coffee grown in volcanic soil around Antigua, Guatemala, and beans picked in the foothills of Mount Kenya.

Like good baristas, they have personality to spare.

The job of a coffee educator is to spread knowledge and passion about coffee. People like a story with their jolt, and Starbucks believes that the more it imparts about its beans and blends, the more excited customers will be to drink them. Read the whole article here!



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