Sunday, November 12, 2006

Jim Baker Was Here Last Night

Jim Baker was at our church service last night. He didn't come to preach, he came to the hear the guest speaker, who was a close personal friend. I was so thrilled. You see years ago I had the chance to read his Biography: "I was wrong!" If you don't know who Jim Baker was or the scandal he went through...Let me just say it was the Ted Haggard scandal of the 80's. But the Lord used his prison time to break, and a humble the man so He could rebuild, shape, and mold him into a sincere follower of Christ. Jesus I love your work!

Just last week I told some friends that if Ted Haggard is repentant He will go through the same transformation that I have read about and seen in Jim Baker. If we won't repent God will expose the sin we cling to. He does this out of love. His judgment is his discipline and His discipline is designed to bring about the greatest response of love. Ted is not being punished by a "mean God who is mostly mad", but he is being rescued by a loving Father who wants to see him run the race well...Run to finish.

All of us have stuff, we'd like to deal with on our own. But the truth is we are all powerless without His help. Part of His help is spiritual unseen power of the Holy Spirit, part of it is the Word of God, and the third part is the body of Christ. Being honest. Being Committed. When a leader or any of us falls we should have His heart towards one another.

God is committed to completing the work He began in us. I always tell people He is not like me, He always finishes the projects He starts. Let him finish the work! The problem with "living sacrifices" is they don't always stay on the altar! Jesus I love your ways!


At 5:56 PM, Anonymous shawn blanc said...

Crazy. I have heard about Jim Baker but don't know much of his story. Then he comes to IHOP, I hear about his story today from Ed H, Anna looks up some info about him, you have this post that I just read... wierd.

You know when you learn a new word for the first time and then all of a sudden you hear that word a dozen times in two days?

At 4:43 AM, Blogger ChriS & Yvette Ferguson said...

It is called "RETICULAR ACTIVATION". Yet knowing the word, sorta takes the mystery out of the process. I bet you can get the book at the library.


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