Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mike's Miracle

You should really like this one... it happened many years ago... I was just 6 years old... and it's one of the earliest memories that I vividly remember.

It happened during the 1972 Summer Olympics. My Dad was in Munich, Germany doing a film with Brother Andrew and Corrie ten Boom. It was a Saturday evening, my Mom took my brother and I to visit Grandma who was house sitting for some cousins. Grandma had just fed the dog... not knowing this my brother and I ran up to play with the dog, a large black lab that was also a guard dog. I was standing next to my brother when he started to pet the dog. The dog immediately turned toward us... since I was the closest... I got the brunt of his anger... the dog bit me in the face.

The bite put some holes into my right cheek and split my upper lip completely open up to my nose. Mom and Grandma rushed me to the closest hospital where I was stitched up. Due to the phone system in the early 70's and the time change... Dad didn't hear about this for close to a whole day. When he finally did hear about it... he was so upset that he couldn't be here that he wasn't able to even see through his camera because he was crying so hard. At that point Brother Andrew came by and asked what the problem was... my Dad told him and they stopped to pray right there on the streets of Munich, Germany. At that very moment I was finally able to get some rest and go to sleep. On the next day, Monday, I went to my doctor and had the stitches removed... my face had been healed.

If you don't know who Brother Andrew is... may I suggest reading the book "God's Smuggler." It tells his story of smuggling Bibles into communist countries behind the Iron Curtain.God bless...Mike

Mike is a "shoestring" relative and a good friend. He can do incredible things with a BBQ Grill. I know this story is true because I have not only heard Mike and the family tell of it, but Mike & Roy took me to meet brother Andrew in person. He remembered the story. God is so awesome!



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