Monday, December 18, 2006

Possible Rev. Bob sighting

Is this the Rev. Bob? Bob's been lurking around various IHOP blogs. Leaving witty remarks yet being very mysterious. Bob show us yourself. Is this what it looks like when you've refused a haircut? Is this the man who once preached the famous "Don't Fence Me In" sermon?



At 7:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Bootleg,

We've been alittle busy down here at the Grange Hall.The Emerald Isle was hit with a massive wind storm last Thursday. Over 1 million people have been without power! Reverend Bob drove all over the Emerald Isle on Saturday looking for gas to fill up his late model white cad-e-lack (and found none). The dog got clean blown right over into the next county. After about 4 days without a shower Reverend Bob had a hard time gettin people to join him for the pre-Christmas Eve service down at the Hall. This year were doin a drama pre-sent-ation of Noel's first Christmas. For all those that havent been to the Emerald Isle, Noel is the owner of our local hardware store. He had some training at the Julie-ard School Of Dramatics, and likes to strut his stuff during the blessed Season.

I would like all you IHOPers to know that the picture that has been presented by Bootleg is NOT the Reverend Bob. Although the Reverend Bob once Preached a Hell Fire message on the "Evils Of Ka-nee-vals". Well...the winds pickin up and the bands startin to play, so I gotta say bye for now.

PS - This months love gift is a key chain that also doubles as a whistle, and a flash light.

Everyones Favorite Guy,

The Most (wind blown) Reverend Bob


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