Thursday, April 19, 2007

New Blogger add to Worlds Largest IHOP-KC Blogroll

Will The Real Rev. Bob Please Stand Up!
He calls it the Road to Utopia...warning for those from drier climates...
his road just might be covered in moss. Both of these guys know a lot about of them has something to say if you'll listen. He lives in the American Emerald Isle and loves all things and most people IHOP-KC He has some kids and a few friends around these parts. So stop by visit His Blog and leave comments even if you ain't sure if he just cracked a joke. He grows on you kinda like Moss in the Emerald Isle.

His 501c3 Deliverance Ministry is called...Three Stooges Demon Busters. If you ask he just might tell you about it. He took one of them "Spiritual Gifts" tests once...Drinking Coffee and Telling Stories was at the top. So have you discover which one is Gus and who is the Rev. Bob?

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At 10:36 AM, Anonymous Jennifer said...

The dog WOULD blog if he could, but he generally get's distracted with his constant sleeping at dad's side. I AM SO EXCITED he has a blog. He can tell fun stories about that time that demon possessed guy came into church when he was meeting with the pastor, and everyone went into their offices and locked the doors and left him alone with that guy.

At 2:03 PM, Anonymous Jennifer James said...

Hey I totally tried to add an awesome comment yesterday, and it hasn't posted.
what's up with that?!

At 5:15 AM, Blogger ChriS & Yvette Ferguson said...


So sorry all comments are reviewed prior to post and I don't always read email on weekends.

Now to your comments...the key phrase is "tell fun stories". Your Father has mastered the ancient and sorely neglected art of "story telling." He has also been heart to quote that famouse line:"Never let the truth get in the way of a good story."

One of those Pastors was like the Centerion who had great faith...He said, "Good Teacher, I'll be in the other room interceding while you face the guy foaming at the mouth and trying to strip off his clothes."

At 7:23 AM, Anonymous Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh, I love that story. Especially that part when dad starts reading the guy that passage out of revelation about all of hell beign bound and thrown into the lake of fire, and the guy starts freaking out, swinging this bag that was probably full of guns.

At 7:39 AM, Blogger ChriS & Yvette Ferguson said...

Those were the good ole days of minsitry in the local church! I am sure all three stooges involved have learnt a bit since those days.

Of course the next time I face a murder crazed buck naked demoniac, I can't think of anyone else besides the good Rev. Bob to have at my side...or in front of me. I'll be the guy behind him whispering the scriptures for him to quote!


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