Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Prayers from Friends


1. Tatiana - to be able to pass the entry for running start. Also for her attitude towards authority and life.
2. Isaiah - healing to his body and help with homework
3. That we continue to be able to finish the house and get good estimates and for the lawsuit to give financial blessing with it

1. Cousin Tylee got diagnosed with a disease that affects muscles. Get better and stay our of hospital.
2. Dog ran away
3. Mom is stressed out

1. Susan gets medical help, she may have some (very) serious medical problems and her 'panic mode' is not helping.
2. Work - my managers and co-workers learn communication something we are lacking.

1. Arielle keeps her eyes open and her head up
2. Grandma stays healthy
3. Mom relax
4. Breanna makes smart choices and court goes good!
5. Stay doing good
6. Everyone has a nice day

1. Off early or off all together on May 20 our 17 year anniversary
2. Back yard gets done

1. Cassidy's health......fever and nausea
update...on the 4th day she finally started feeling better!
2. Friend Lisa was just diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy

1. To seek him more
2. Help organize things in my life and home
3. Joy

1. Continued prayer for Lonnie that him mental health improves and his family situation is resolved
2. Prayer for Lindy's relationship dilemma's and that the Lord will give her the answers to the right direction to take with the right person and give me the words to let the others down gently.
3. Continued prayer that Lindy's stress goes away and health and peace return.
4. Pray that the allergy shots for cat allergy work for me


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