Monday, August 28, 2006

Can't Stop Thinking About You!

Joshua 1:5-9 Following in the footsteps of a great leader is never easy. There are always self doubts and than comparisons to others. Moses told him what to do but now he gets personal guidance directly from God; the promise that God will always be with him.

God had before spoken to Moses concerning him but now he speaks directly to Joshua. On this day the Father gives Joshua His divine blessings and instructions. He receives infinite wisdom, and encouragements by the God of all consolation. The Lord knows the weakness of our hearts and He repeatedly tells Joshua son of Nun to be strong and very courageous.

He knows the weakness of our frames and the trials and victories He has mapped out for us; and has promised every provision for the journey. Yet with every promise of God there comes a requirement. The “string attached to this gift” is again obedience. Hiding His word in my heart that I might not sin against Him; this is accomplished by meditating upon His words day and night.

Remember Moses, how I was with him? I will be with you in this too and you will posses the land that I promised to your forefathers. All I ask is that obedience; this is more than just route memorization of the Law. This is total immersion where we encounter the God of the “law” through His word.

God is saying, “you are on my thoughts all the time; there is not one moment I am not thinking of you. I remember all of my promises and choose to forget all of your iniquity. I am not a senile old man who foolishly gives all of his estate to ungrateful grandkids; no, I do all of this for love. One thing I ask of you; seek me with all of your heart and attempt to think as many thoughts about me as I think of you.” “Oh, and while you are meditating upon my word and than living it out you will discover an amazing transformation happens. You begin to emerge from your cocoon of sleep and slumber only to realize that I am make you more like myself. I am transforming you into the beautiful one I have always seen.”


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