Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Flavor the Earth Matthew 5:13

Jesus calls us the salt of the earth. He is saying, hey you who bear the attitudes and traits of one of my followers…you are the flavor of the earth. In fact some will crave you. That is one of the strange qualities of salt not enough and it makes no difference too much and it ruins the dish, but just the right amount and people can’t get enough.

We are the salt and Christ is using us to change the flavor of our world. But salt that has lost its flavor or been contaminated by sin and compromise has no place in His kitchen. Salt that is flavorless is of no value to the kingdom or anyone for that matter. The people He uses are those who are called out and set apart for holy purposes.

Lord, set people aside for your holy work. Holiness and obedience are what you require. Yes, Lord but you don’t ask something of me that can’t be done. You have empowered me by your Spirit to be salty and flavorful; imparting the flavor and spice of heaven into the hearts of people on this earth. How do I get this flavoring of heaven imparted to my soul? Meditating on your Word, fellowshipping with you precious Holy Spirit and gazing upon you. My strength is in you in this pilgrimage of life. Bam! Bam! Bam! You are the great flavor enhancer. Because of you I can become one that people crave, yes Lord, make me an addiction to people that don’t yet know you. Let the preserving and flavor enhancing properties of LIFE in GOD, transfer to those around me. Salt is more than just a flavor enhancer, without the proper balance of salt the human body would die. Salt is also life giving. Lord my desire to know you is not only for pleasure of those moments of divine infusion, but that you my Lover, Lord, and Savior would draw others unto yourself through my life. Yes, Jesus make me an element, an agent you can use for your great purpose. Allow me to introduce others to the one whom I love. Let me introduce them to you. That you would receive the many whom you love that are missing, lost, broken, and hurting. Amen!


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