Friday, August 18, 2006

Wanna Be Like You! Matthew 5:9

Blessed are the peacemakers; who exactly are these peace makers? I don’t believe these are the diplomats or beauty pageant contestants who claim to want world peace. No ultimately he isn’t talking about a peace brokered by mankind. That kind of peace is temporary. Jesus is speaking of the hostility and conflict that is first between God and man; and only secondarily brother against brother. He is speaking of the war originally waged by Satan against the Most High God.

The gospel is called the Gospel of Peace because it reconciles God and man and ultimately brother and brother. Jesus is also referred to as the Prince of Peace. Jesus made peace for us with God. The writer of Hebrews says describes Him like this:” the God of peace that brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus, that great Shepherd of the sheep, through the Blood of the everlasting covenant" He is the ultimate peacemaker. He exhibited God’s character as a peacemaker.

To be a peace maker in the kingdom is to be one who helps others to reconcile with God. Jesus has paid the price for peace and is now calling us to partner with Him in spreading His peace to others. Now the Prince of Peace is telling us, that the children of God are those that resemble me (Jesus). In a natural family children often resemble their parent’s physical appearance and most certainly model many of the patterns of behavior and mannerisms of their parents. As children of the king we want others who have lost their way from the Father to return and be brought back into a right relationship with the Father. For both their sake and for Jesus’ as His reward for the ultimate price He paid. Jesus did what the Father does and now we are to do what Jesus does…draw men unto Him.

This is the family business and we are asked to join the Father in His business, to learn from Him the “family secret” for entering into true peace. Peace from guns and war is temporary and ultimately doesn’t mean a thing if you have never made Peace with God.


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