Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Another one bites the dust!

Yvette is known as the Serpent Slayer around our house. That's right the second snake in less than a year was found hiding in our abode. This time he was already dead. Now one would think that a big strong man such as myself would have no problem handling a little snake. Especially the non-poisionous variety. You would be wrong. I hate snakes it is a completely unrational terror. Now you see snake...now you don't see Chris. I can handle spiders, I will stalk bugs, I will trap rodents, and other creatures that don't belong in my house. See a snake and I am gone. My kids, family, and close friends find me entertaining. I've read books, sought counseling, and even prayer....forget therapy they all involve actually being in the same room and ultimately touching a serpant. Don't tell me they are scared of me, harmless, beautiful, or any other snake propaganda. I don't like em!

So imagine when we smell some strange odors eminating from the Garage. It gets worse not better...something is dead. So I do what any wiseman would do...send in my wife. Yep, she discovers it is in fact a snake. Might be dead, but than she thought the last one was dead--his hissing fangs proved otherwise. So she dressed for combat, heavy duty jacket and gloves, turned out to be a bit overkill he was already dead.

Where was I? At the end of our driveway, with my hand on the cell phone ready to call 911 in the event a repetilian resurrection. My superhero bride, scooped the carcas into a bag and off to a hasty burial in the neighboring woods. I hate snakes...for real. Yvette you are my hero.


At 2:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here she comes to save the day...
Mighty Yvette is on the was...

Hey Chris...can you send Yvette over to clear my place of vermin? Oh wait, that's just Pete and Jonathan...lol.

Later Bro, Mike - SBC


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