Thursday, October 26, 2006

Jesus The Missing Years

…At 14, during one of his meditations, Jesus is talking with his father in heaven about the new earth, where only joy and peace would reign. In the background the galactic hand is reaching out for love and truth… -Akiane+JeShUa-ThE… mIsSiNg… YeArS…
With an oak maskthe conscience hears the acorns fall,and all the hues of the rose break down.Do you exist in the inanimate world,if every raindrop shows no color,not even white or clear?
You are the breathing survivor of spiritual perfection in the sevenfold universe,where the center of the wonder orbis shaken,and I frame myself live, sculpting out of myselfthe spiritual fabric to dress up all of you.
At first the universe progress feels like as statue of melancholic fog,and only your breath can know, how sore my throat is,as it spits out a heart bubble,where my clear eyes and woolen hair are seen.
Retiming your resurrected gaze,I pass the future earth to you,so you could write my name on itand pass it on to everyonearound this slippery world.
When clouds turn into puddlesfor the children to walk on,this is your chanceto help the innocent…Now you comprehend,why the unstable sandalsare also on your hands…

Akiane 11 year old


At 12:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Yes...I see we have "Jesus the missing years", but what about "CF and his missing blogs?" The emerald isle awaits your latest entry:) And I don't want to hear any lame excuse like "The dog ate my latest blog entry before I had a chance to post!"



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