Monday, November 13, 2006

150 Baptisms Last Night...Challenge to Dwayne & Allen

Last night Forerunner Christian Fellowship held our second baptism service this year. (Picture is of my daughter last May)We started out with 15o candidates before the night was over that number increased. It was three hours of dunkin' and joyful worship.

Baptism and communion are the two powerful secrets to bringing life to a "sleepy church." Watching another make a new commitment to Follow Christ, strengthens our own. Jesus didn't instruct us to do these things cause He thought the church would need rituals...He did it because He knew they would renew our strength and resolve to follow Him with our whole hearts.

Just as seeing the birth of your child encourages you to live life differently, so does seeing others make the commitment to follow Christ in Baptism. The way you live your life matters because others are watching. The way you live your life matters because He is watching.

If you are believer and have never followed through with water baptism, I urge you to do it.

Why be baptized?

Because Jesus was and He commanded us to do the same.

I was baptized as an infant why do I need to be baptized?

Because every baptism in the New Testament was that of a believers baptism, a confession and public profession of faith. While there is no minimum age requirement in scripture, it is clear that baptism follows the individuals personal response of faith. Its great if your parents dedicated you to the Lord, but ultimately baptism is a matter of personally committing yourself to follow Jesus. Last time I saw an infant baptism, I did not hear that baby verbally confess and profess personal faith in Jesus.

Why do you believe in baptism by immersion versus sprinkling?

Every baptism in the New Testament was by immersion. This was how Jesus chose to be baptized. The Greek word means to "dip" or immerse the picture is that of a ship that was sunk. Immersion best illustrates the spiritual principle of identifying with Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection. Yet, it you were sprinkled as a believer who was old enough to understand the significance of what you were doing and sprinkling was a meaningful experience to you, I would not "force" anyone to get dunked. After all how much water is enough and how long should you be held under? Also due to health concerns for some a tank and immersion is simply not practical.

The only thing more exciting than watching someone be baptized is actually baptizing them. Follow Jesus in it today.

BTW, I am urging Dwayne Roberts and Allenhood to both consider having a baptism session at the ONETHING CONFERENCE THIS YEAR! The atmosphere would be electrifying. Tell them yourselves if you agree!

If you want to see my five minutes of video fame its here at portable baptistery I didn't get any money for this little infomercial just the joy of knowing more might follow Jesus.


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