Monday, December 18, 2006

God or Mammon

Just as 90% of an iceberg is under the water, 90% of our problems have to do with money or that which is generally supposed to be its source: work. There is a dimension of work and money, though, which is not covered by tips and tricks about investing, saving taxes and counting pennies. Jesus opens our eyes to this dimension when he challenges us to choose between God and Mammon. Mammon is a demon who drives people in never-ending circles of ever higher demands, entangling them in worries and arguments about money. Honestly: many people's understanding of life can be summarized "earn and buy, pay taxes and die"! Astonishingly, even in the Christian world, we often see more of Mammon's influence than God's when decisions are to be made. "Money makes the world go around" - but who makes the money go around? Do you realize how much your answer to that question influences your personal future? What is your answer?



At 10:17 PM, Blogger charity said...

It think that you are right in saying that 90% of our problems have to do with money or work. I know just recently I broke my cell phone and was thrown into a coniption fit. Not only did I loose one of my sole forms of cummunication, but I don't have money to pay for it to get fixed. No joke, I cried most of the day! I couldn't belive how deeply I was effected by such a little thing especially when I am living the "fasted lifestyle." It is just a reminder how I need to daily choose to serve God instead of Mammon.


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