Tuesday, January 23, 2007

For Those Who Pray

An Update on Paul Cain

By Mike Bickle, Rick Joyner and Jack DeereJanuary 22, 2007

In light of Paul Cain's recent announcement of restoration to ministry, we have been repeatedly asked for input. First, we rejoice in God's mercy that provides anyone with total forgiveness for any sin that is repented of. However, forgiveness of our sin is not the same as being restored to public ministry. We care much about Paul's life before God and his future ministry. We believe that his future ministry could far surpass his former ministry, if he allows the full restoration process to take place. Paul originally agreed to submit to Larry Alberts and his team in his restoration process. These men are well known and respected by many of Paul's friends in ministry. We strongly urged him not to leave Larry's care and oversight. However, he left Larry's oversight just over a year ago and moved to California to relate to a group of men that we do not know much about. Neither do we know the process that they say that Paul went through. Therefore, we cannot say with confidence that this is a genuine restoration that is according to the principles of God's Word. It will be harmful to Paul and others if he is released prematurely and then relapses into his past failures. As shepherds in the Body of Christ, we would bear great responsibility if another person was hurt by Paul's sin. We ask you to join with us as we continue to ask for the fullness of God's grace in his life and for his future restoration to public ministry.

Chris':Note I am not posting any comments for this blog entry. This is the official release and I am simply sharing it with those who would pray for Paul. Nor am I going to give any personal editorial. Every word we utter we shall give account for.



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