Thursday, January 25, 2007

Why Molly Mosack should be blogging”.

Dave Sliker recently posted on "Here’s who you think should be blogging…" The comments are great and thought provoking. So I was provoked to thought...scary idea for some of you. Molly Mosack was the first name that came to mind. Why? Molly was a Comm Leader for some of my good friends and long before I ever moved to IHOP one of her "girls" Hilary Warren-Lacy sent me a CD with Molly teaching. She shared her now famous artwork of living "eyes". Impacted my entire family. Finally, Molly taught a few sessions in Matt Candler's course "Apostolic Prayers and Hymns of Revelation," this sealed the deal no doubt the Lord's doing a great work.

Lots of people at IHOP-KC don't view themselves as preachers or teachers. Probably because our human tendency is to look at all of the really good teachers and preachers and think..."I could never do that"...but the truth is God is raising up messengers. People whose hearts are burning with a word and I have found many times those with the greatest message have to be encouraged to step out and share the gift. They would rather not be known on earth and are content to be known in heaven. Molly you are an "Apostolic Messenger", you have a message you can not keep it in but must share what is deposited on the inside. You are not an echo but have a revealed word of the Lord we need to hear more from your heart. BTW, she is funny too!

Pray about it Molly we need you! I got an UNCTION we will be hearing more from Molly Mosack.



At 2:26 PM, Anonymous kevo said...

I definantly agree! I would read Molly's blog. Her teaching is amazing and always impacts my heart.

At 4:54 AM, Blogger ChriS & Yvette Ferguson said...


Let her know personally. She's IHOP staff so you know how to email her. Molly Mosack will impact the blogging world for sure.


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