Monday, February 12, 2007

What Thinkest Thou?

Michelle Vu/TN (Feb. 8th, 2007)

The Christian Post has reported on the results of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities 31st Annual Presidents Conference, which hosted "world renowned scholars representing Islam, Judaism and Christianity." According to the report, these scholars are said to have emphasized the need for "more Jesus talk and Jesus action in conflict resolutions."

While it goes without saying that Muslims and Jews do not worship Jesus Christ, it was noteworthy that they admitted there is a deservedly global esteem that all religions reserve for the person of Jesus. So much so, says reporter Michelle Vu, that instead of "watering down" differences, the panel of experts urged deeper dialogue based around the character of Jesus in each religion.

For Muslims, Ambassador Akbar Ahmed noted that "in a sense Jesus was even a more powerful symbol than Abraham because he is more contemporary and inspires the entire Christian and Muslim world."

Ahmed is also said to have shared his own personal educational experiences attending Christian schools, saying it had a lasting impact on his view of Christians. (He attended the same missionary-operated Christian College that Pakistan President Musharraf attended.) Ahmed added that he and his classmates, many of which became diplomats, have the "highest respect" for their Christian teachers and Christians because of their education.

Calvin College president Byker reportedly agreed with Ahmed on the importance of education. He called on more Christian colleges to offer courses on Islam so that students can be "translators," people who understand two religious languages, and can engage in interfaith dialogues.


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