Thursday, May 17, 2007

Another One For The World's Largest IHOP-KC Blogroll

He isn't an IHOP'er but I just found this guys blog and I Loved His Bio Page and the Blog Entries I've Read: So Check Him Out! Comments Please! Here's His Bio Stolen Without Permission But With Credit:
Do you visit my blog? No need to be ashamed, tell someone about it! If your not linked and I generally like you I'll post a link.
I'm not part of the Roman church. Does that make me a Protestant?

I believe in one church in Christ. Does that make me a Catholic?

I believe in baptism in water. Does that make me a Baptist?

I believe in the authority of the gospel and I believe in our great commission to share it. Does that make me an Evangelical?

I believe that I'm born again. Does that make me a Charismatic?

I believe in baptism by Holy Spirit and in all of His gifts. Does that make me a Pentecostal?

Our church is currently quite small and many of our meetings are held in homes. Does that make me part of the House Church Movement?

I believe the church is built on the foundation of Apostles and Prophets. Does that make me part of the Apostolic Movement?

I lead our church. Does that make me a Pastor? Or a Minister? Or an Elder?

I've never been to Bible school, I'm still learning loads, and I do make mistakes. I'm not a theological expert. Does that make me a Fraud?

I prophesy, I receive visions from God, and I've had encounters with the heavenly, the angelic, and the demonic. I know that Jesus heals. Does that make me Bonkers?

My wife, Sue, and I are English. We moved to Scotland, which we love, because God told us to. Does that make us both Bonkers?

I play guitar. Does that make me a Musician?

I lead worship. Does that make me a Worship Leader?

I preach. Does that make me a Preacher?

I'm head over heals in love with my Daddy in heaven, my saviour Jesus, and my companion and helper Holy Spirit. Does that mean that you and I could get along?

It's 2:40 am. Does that mean I have insomnia?



At 9:12 AM, Anonymous Mark H said...

Thanks for the kind introduction to your readers - and "Hi there!" all you IHOPers: we love what you do.

We're in Scotland and we're very excited right now because God is calling some of us to network together for intercession and to take ministry onto the streets. You can read about this at a second weblog where we post encouragement and stories of what's happening on these two fronts: underthecanopy

Jesus is amazing!

At 9:16 AM, Blogger ChriS & Yvette Ferguson said...


Remember the Words of Nehmiah when distratctions come, "I am doing a Great Work and Can Not Come Down!"

Keep your heart at His feet and your hand to the plow...the Harvest Is Ripe!


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