Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Yvette's "MUST READ" Book of the Month

A Visitation of Jesus Christ by Wendy Alec

For as we enter the twenty-first century, there is a cry that would ring out from Jesus Christ of Nazareth, as He who neither slumbers nor sleeps, walks even today through the streets of London, Rome, New York, Beirut, Los Angeles, Delhi, His cheeks wet with tears for a lost and fatherless generation neither cognizant of His presence nor caring. But still He walks . . . unseen . . . and still He weeps. Oh, and how long has He sought you, beloved? How many nights has He stood listening silently waiting in the shadows unseen by you? And as you lift up your tear-stained face to Him, half blinded by the radiance from that most beautiful of countenances, He reaches out His hand to you and His touch lingers on your cheek as He brushes away the tears that flow. And He smiles that most wondrous of smiles. You? you mouth soundlessly. And you hear His tender whisper: I have sought you all your life. Through all the pain, through the loneliness, I have sought you. Each time your heart broke soundlessly with the agony of not belonging, I sought you. Through each rejection, through each hour of despair, I sought you. I was there, loving you. Reaching out to you. It was Me all along. And as your eyelids gently close, as you are engulfed in His tender embrace and the tears fall, somewhere through the sands of time in the netherland betwixt sleeping and waking, you recognize that familiar presence and you too know that He was there. It was He all along.

During a ten day period in November of 1999, Wendy Alec received a visitation from the Lord Jesus Christ. He spoke of mercy, He warned of judgment... on the world's trading systems, on the media...Upon the church. He wept.In two later separate visitations, He spoke in anguish of the last days assignments against the elect. He warned of the great blinding, of seduction, lust and Jezebel and the great falling away...This is the extraordinary record of His discourse.He Speaks of:


That where you have counted to no man, beloved, you are exceeding more value than rubies to Him. That where no man takes you up He comes with His mighty arm of mercy and compassion. For the Master Himself would whisper to your heart. Dearly beloved you are not forgotten.


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