Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Unique Ministry Encourages Christian Families in Business VenturesEd Thomas/TN (Aug 15, 2006)"Entrepreneurship is a Biblical concept."

Agape Press reports that a ministry called Vision Forum Ministries is helping encourage Christian families in business ventures through what they call Entrepreneurial Boot Camp for Christian Families.

Vision Forum's founder, Doug Phillips, is quoted as saying each three-day Entrepreneurial Boot Camp uses Biblical examples to show the value of entrepreneurial efforts for discipleship in the family setting. "It pictures the family as a place of different generations working together," he explains, and the program teaches that even in the process of working, entrepreneurship is "part of the discipleship model that God gives us."

That model reportedly teaches that wealth can raise up God's people and their families for kingdom purposes and keep them together.

"So while entrepreneurship may not be the answer to all problems, it certainly is a component to rebuilding the Christian family," Phillips contends. "When we think of the Psalms that talk about righteous and blessed men, we always see them in the context of men who are enjoying the fruit of their labor with their children around them," he notes. "So entrepreneurship is a Biblical concept."

But, part of the problem, adds Phillips, is that most of the world's business models separate families, which can wreak havoc on families. "The tragedy is that because modern families have become so incredibly fragmented -- because they cannot see beyond the present -- the result is we are not mighty in the land," Phillips asserts. And another result, he adds, is that "we are losing the hearts of our children."



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