Thursday, October 12, 2006

Pray For Hemant Mehta...The Friendly Athiest

Just finished reading an article about the friendly atheist. If you click on the title of this entry you'll go to the article. Also visit I have watched these guys for several years now and really think they have some good approaches. After reading the article and visit Hemant Mehta's site I really felt strongly to pray for him. He is got a 70+ year internship to encounter the living God. You may remember that Sasha (my daughter) led our family in prayer for our neighbors who were athiest/agnostic and today they've all had personal encounters with Jesus. Will you join Sasha and I as we pray for this stranger? Of course we all pray for many in our "lifespace", yet there is some reason the Lord is highlighting this man. You've read it, now please pray it. Write his name in your Bibles, on your fridge and like the friends of the paralytic bring him into the presence of Jesus; when he is unable to get there on his own.


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