Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hip Hymns Are Him...Tomlin in Time Magazine

Hip Hymns Are Him
Most people have never heard of Chris Tomlin, yet millions sing his songs every week

There are two paths to music immortality: the Prince route and the Patty and Mildred Hill route. In the Prince model, you write a piece of music that people love so much, they seek it out, download it and turn up the radio whenever it comes on. The Hill sisters model is trickier; they composed the melody for Happy Birthday to You. They achieved their fame by writing a tune that people don't listen to so much as sing.

Chris Tomlin belongs in the second camp. People sing his songs a lot, often repeatedly. Specifically, they sing them in church. According to Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI), an organization that licenses music to churches, Tomlin, 34, is the most often sung contemporary artist in U.S. congregations every week. Since glee clubs have fallen out of popularity, that might make Tomlin the most often sung artist anywhere. Read More Here



At 8:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Fer-gee-sun,

Are you aware that Mr. Tomlin is the second son of the famous comedian Lily Tomlin. You are most likely too young to remember her wonderful routines on the Ed Sullivan Show! Boy, those were the days...The Shadow, The Green Hornet, The Partridge Family, The Brady Bunch...where can a person find this kind of fine entertainment these days?

Well...we'll have to continue this conversation at a later date, Reverend Bob has a meetin tonight over at the Grange Hall. Elmer Gantry is leading worship, singing some of his most requested tunes..."Johnny Be Good!", "Lets All Go Down To The River And Do Something!" and Reverend Bob's all time favorite, "Cryin In The Rain!" (a popular tune in the Emerald Isle). Melvina Burlap will be attending to lead us into worship with her su-purb vocal voice. Some have said "She makes the birds weep when she sings!".

I hear the music startin up so gotta go. Reverend Bob sends his best to your kiddies and the Mrs!

Everyones Favorite Guy,

The Most Reverend "And I DON'T live in Ireland" Bob


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