Sunday, December 24, 2006

How Do You Honor Jesus at Christmas.

I have been pondering on how I as an American and as a Christian celebrate Christmas. What I have realized lately is there is not much difference between the average "Christians" Christmas and the average "Non-Christian's". Oh we go to the candle light service and remember Advent...but for real how is my celebration of Christmas different. I know the power, mystery, and glorious beauty of Jesus' birth. God the creator takes residence in an 8lb frame and it doesn't explode? God takes on the frame of a man. So I am not writting to complain or chatise us for consumerism, materialism, or greed. I am pondering what can my family and I do to make Christmas more spiritual. I love the traditions of Christmas but how can we bring Christ to the Center of our Christmas? What do you and your family do for Christmas besides, feasting, gift wrap, and stockings, and our favorite Christmas movies?

I want to remember Him this Christmas in a new and fresh way.



At 3:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think a new way to Honor Jesus during Christmas as also non Christians do also, would be to do the opposite of what non-Christians do. Don't celebrate Christmas with gifts, tree, decorations, etc, but have a wonderful dinner with the family in his honor and thank him for all the blessing during the year and especially this day. If you want to give gifts, do it during the year, you'll come out debt free also!plus, you won't be worn out from decorating, shopping, etc.


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