Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Look Whose Killing Who!

Tom Mills just wrote:"Christian Gaming" has just reached a new low. There is now a game available at WalMart, endorsed by Focus on the Family, that allows "Christian Crusaders" to kill people who won't convert to Christianity. Here is a part of the article I just discovered.
This is simply unacceptable, I am not interested in being "Politcally Correct". But in an age where Radical Islam is making many in our Society questioning the sanity of religion in general, we have no business encouraging false sterotypes.
The only people who advocate gunpoint conversions are not christians. There are many in America who falsly belive Christians want to force their conversion either by law or cultural pressure. History has always shown these type of conversions pervert the faith and never strengthen it. Now we have a violent video game showing the use of force to convert or kill the pagans.
Jesus could have called down more angels than we could number and yet He choose this strange weak and meek way of calling people to follow Him. He doesn't want a "shotgun wedding" He is seeking voluntary lovers.
Those of us who choose Jesus must stand against even the hint that we will use violence to accomplish the great commission. Yes, there is Jesus the judge with a Sword in His hand...but He is the initiator of that day, not us! Tell Wal Mart to remove this Video game before unbelievers beat us to it. Tell Focus on the Family, that while someone in their organization was probably excited to see a video game that was Christian and might actually be fun to play...this was not the game to endorse. Email Wal Mart and Focus on the Family.



At 7:30 AM, Anonymous Kari said...

You have got to be kidding me!!!!!!!! What the heck kind of weird reasoning was behind this boardroom meeting that even thought the game was a good idea, let alone a marketable one. I guess sometimes it's good that we don't have all the money we want to do or market whatever we want. I'm sure most "pagans" really think we're retards now.


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