Friday, January 26, 2007

Dethroning Mammon In Your Life

Guest Article -Wolfgang Simson

The God of financial miracles

You always thought 2 x 2 is 4? 160 hours of work per monthAdded up to a salary of 54,550? A balance is a list of assets and capital? And in summer you can’t afford a holiday because of low tide on your account?

Wrong. Because few have learned to make their calculations with God. For many, God belongs into the past, into an old book, and you hear about him inside a church building. But what, you may ask, has God to do with my work, my finances? Everything, if you allow it. For many, God is just an idea, until they experience him for the very first time in their life. For a sick person, health is what matters. And for And for many who ask “what’s in it for me?” it’s in the financial area that make us listen up.

Hardly anywhere does God get under our skin as deep as in the area of money. That’s real real. Now we have all heard the Creflo-Dollarstyle religious slogans until they come out of our ears. And we may remember some Bible verses: seek first the Kingdom of God and his -style justice, then God will care for you. It’s more blessed to give than to take. Give, and it will be given to you. But how does this work, how does it happen
in real life? Let me introduce you folks to you that have experienced the God of financial
miracles. Here are two examples:


“God gives to his beloved in their sleep” Have you smiled about this nice little verse
before? It was 1995 when a man from Pondicherry in southern India woke up one
day with a stunning dream. Very clearly he had seen a chemical formula in his dream.
As he wrote it down it turned out to be a formula for a glue. And more than that: he
realized that one of the components actually is availabe as a by-product at another factory – for free. He set out to test that glue, planned its production – and in no time, “Jabez Polymer” was born, a company that quickly gained a place amongst India’s leading
glue manufacturers. People whispered that the owner had imported costly high-tech- Know How from America and thus made it so fast to the top. The company was able to make so much profit it could support many missionary projects in India. An inspiration had become an innovation. But: as in many God-inspired business ideas, this one was
short-lived, too. They do convey an important lesson, but are not geared to create everlasting financial independence.


Annika Winzeler lives in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, and has not been a Christian for long. She tells of the following event during her first days as a Christian: "Eighteen months ago, when God showed me that he really exists, I was going through a difficult time. I had just moved out from home, and was having trouble making ends meet. I often didn't know whether I would be able to eat. "One day, I stood in the supermarket, hungry and wondering what I could afford for lunch. I emptied my purse into my hand to count my money - it wasn't much, 1 Franc 30 (about 0.85 US-Dollars). I counted it again and again. That
wouldn't buy me much for lunch. I wandered down the aisles, looking at what I would have liked for lunch - a bread roll, yoghurt, an apple and something to drink, in total 2 Francs 10 (about 1.50 Dollar). But maybe Jesus could help me, as he had helped others! I had read something about fish and bread, so I asked Jesus for help: 'You fed so many people with only a little bread and a few fish. Couldn't you help me?' "Nothing happened - no angel appeared to help me shop, and no voice from heaven telling me how I could fill my stomach. I was very disappointed. Could it be that I was mistaken, that Jesus didn't exist, wasn't alive? Was everything just my imagination? Then my life wouldn't
change as I had thought it would. So I decided to buy my lunch with the 1 Franc 30 I had. I counted the money again, to be sure - but it was suddenly no longer 1 Franc 30, but
exactly the amount I needed to buy what I wanted for lunch! The money had multiplied in my hand!

Back then, I thought of this as completely normal. Has not Jesus promised to do this for me, to take care of me in my everyday needs?"

Recommended reading: Autobiography of George Muller

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