Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A New Song

Bird Song

One time, I witnessed this experiment where they took baby birds before they were exposed to their own species and played recordings of birdsongs from other species. The young birds grew up without a song. Then when they were then exposed to the song of their own kind and immediately learned it, and started excitedly singing.

The Bible says God has put a new song in our hearts (see Psalm 40:3). We really do not respond to any other song until it fits the song that has been lying dormant in our hearts. It’s almost like certain melodies, chords, and words, when we hear them they awaken something in us that causes us to worship. As writers, these are the songs we are to uncover like buried treasure. They are the keys to the heart.

Copied w/o permission from Leonard Jones' Blog. Hey he said some good stuff.



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