Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Is He Weeping Over Me?

I was in a PRT briefing meeting when he called. I discreetly excused myself to see if my son was alright. There isn't a meeting on this earth that my wife and kids can't call if they need me. The trembling voice on the other end of the phone said, "I miss you daddy!" I told him I missed him too and would see him after school. That's too long Daddy. You need to quit school and the Prayer Room and come!I explained if I wasn't doing those things, something else would be filling my day too.

All the time his sincere voice was full of longing and missing me. He wasn't sick, tired, or bored...the longing of his heart was to be with his Dad.We had played the night before, went to the library together so it wasn't as though I hadn't been around or interacting. The reality was that didn't matter in this moment he missed me. I assured him we woud play after school today.
Yvette got on the phone and said he woke up that morning feeling good. When she came out of the bathroom she found Zach on our bed holding my pillow and sobbing, saying I miss my Daddy, I want my she let him call and I answered the phone.

Of course he had my heart!

Is it obvious why I am sharing this personal story? Afterwards the Lord pierced my heart with His longing for me. Remember Jesus weeping over Israel? He weeps over all of us, even believers, when we choose lesser things over time with Him. Conversely, when we spend time fellowshiping with Him, His heart overflows with Joy.

Around IHOP we are all aware of Song of Songs and that one of its applications is Christ as the Bridegroom and belivers as the Bride. We know God's heart is stirred when we spend time with Him. I don't want Him to weep over me! I can stir His heart.

Psalms 84:1-2
How lovely is your dwelling place,O LORD Almighty! 2 My soul yearns, even faints,
for the courts of the LORD;
my heart and my flesh cry out for the living God.


At 6:58 PM, Blogger Brian Hume said...

Thanks for sharing this powerful and precious story!

At 10:59 AM, Anonymous Ruth said...

that really is beautiful.
it's the same indeed with our heavenly daddy. we long for him like that, sometimes that feeling is stronger than other times...and he desires to be with us like that as well..

At 8:58 PM, Anonymous Molly Mosack said...

Great application, Chris!

At 4:42 AM, Blogger ChriS & Yvette Ferguson said...

Glad to know you check in once in awhile. So I guess that just Mac?

At 4:46 AM, Blogger ChriS & Yvette Ferguson said...

Brian...Glad to share it!

Ruth...Thanks for letting us know it had an impact upon you!


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