Monday, April 23, 2007

Awesome Testimony From Josh Constable

Do not have long, but wanted to update everyone what is going on with me and what miracle God has performed again. I rode up to Chicago with the team going to Africa with only $200 I needed for the trip, which left me close to $3,000 short. The leadership of the team was allowing me to travel with my packed suitcases and no money or plane ticket for that matter. By the time arriving in Chicago, the money had NOT yet come in so I had to tel the team bye and head back in the van to Indianapolis with the driver.

Upon being gone from the airport and wondering what the Lord was doing and how I "Missed Hearing Him on this one" and discussing with the van driver what God was teaching me, van driver received a phone call from the leader of our trip 15-20 minutes later and he said "Bring Joshua back, the money just got provided for him and he is going with us..." Praise to the name of Jesus! This was NOT a 11th hour, or a 11:59 minute situation, this was a 12:01 moment!!! I was in tears of how God did it again and really moved on the situation to bring me to where He called me forth to in Africa.

I will share more details later after 17 hours in Germany, and than arrived in Ethiopia for a 10 hour layover and then on a plane to Sudan...where we were deported (details later), and went onto Egypt and then back to Ethiopia where we have been last couple of days. We will be heading out Mon. to Djibouti for a week before heading back to America.

This is brief but I will share details later when have more time or when I get back in America on May 2 or 3. Depending how much sleep I need since we have been lacking between airport stays and airplanes. We have been tested greatly as a team, but it is amazing watching what the Lord Jesus is doing in this time.

Please keep our team in prayer and for me personally on what the Lord has for me upon my return to America, as the Lord is opening some doors for me and I am not sure what He has me to go through. Thank you all. Be blessed in Jesus name!

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