Friday, May 18, 2007

Muslim Girl Falls In Love With Jesus!

Below is an email I recieved from one of our Intercessory Prayer Missionaries in Israel. Due to concerns for her personal privacy she asked that we not post her name on the blog. Pray for her and the Muslim and Jewish people she is praying for and working with.


Tonight a Muslim friend of mine told me about her daughter who is in the USA studying and has been attending a Christian church while in the USA. Her daughter told her that she nowunderstands the difference between churches & mosques.

She said in mosques you are forced to believe and you must do all you are told or you will be punished by Allah. Fear of punishment and knowing that "you should do this and that" is the motivation. She said they shout and say, "We must be violent! We have enemies! We must destroy them!"

She said in churches they speak softly to God, like a real relationship, and everything they do for Him is because their hearts love Him. They love Him, so they believe Him and obey Him. They even teach to love your enemies.

She told her mother that she now believes that the way of love is the true way of God and it's not right what the Muslims teach about violence and hatred. Her daughter also had 2 dreams where Yeshua appeared to her.

In one of the dreams Yeshua asked her to marry Him and she said "yes." Her heart has fallen in love with Yeshua.Please pray for my Muslim friend and her whole family to be led into the heart of the Bridegroom God.

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At 5:26 PM, Anonymous Rob Velez said...

The dream about Jesus asking to marry her just really touched my heart so deeply...

At 7:31 PM, Blogger ChriS & Yvette Ferguson said...

Rob...I agree with you! Shoot up some prayers for her (she will have persecution) and her mom (salvation) and our friend from IHOP who used to run the healing rooms and taught on contemplative prayer at IHOP!


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