Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Pray for Rolland & Heidi Baker

Here is an urgent prayer need from Rolland and Heidi Baker -

I'm in a conference in a town in Gaza Province in southern Mozambique while Heidi is in Pemba... I just got a call from her about a very serious situation for Iris (Iris is the name of their ministry) that erupted today in Pemba.

As you may imagine, Moslem leaders and the more Marxist and anti-foreign elements in Mozambique are very agitated about our growth and influence in this country. Such leaders in Pemba have actually expressed their outrage at Iris when they cannot even prevent their own children from coming to church and getting filled with the Spirit.

You may remember how we were evicted from our center in 1997 by Marxists, and had everything taken from us. Something similar is being attempted now in Pemba.

Todamajoy a r story appeared on the front page of Pemba's newspaper, apparently instigated by people anxious for ou r removal from Mozambique. It was blatantly reported for the whole city to read, among many other things, that we are using North American religion to subvert the government, that we are anti-Frelimo (the political party now in power), that all our contacts with leaders are designed to undermine the party, we're anti-black and anti-Africa, etc., etc.

Heidi has spent ten years becoming Mozambican in heart and soul, and has a permanent Mozambican visa. Everything she does is for "her" country, Mozambique. But the article is describing her as deceptive and treacherous. She feels so attacked and devastated... The threat is real. Last year the government very nearly tore down our center with its buildings at our expense.

We are meeting with the editor, and want to write an article in response together with a Mozambican lawyer. Meanwhile, we are asking you our friends to have your networks pray for us... This is yet another critical hour...

On we go in Jesus... --Much love, Rolland and Heidi


At 12:16 PM, Anonymous Kari said...

Just found your blog. Hope to see you around the prayer room. I'll be checking back frequently. God bless your pursuit of Him!

Kari Wiezorek
Intro spring 2006

At 6:12 AM, Blogger MaryAnn M said...

did you get the update from Rolland and Heidi?

things have calmed considerably...


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