Sunday, October 15, 2006


Tears for death
Tears for those dear
He holds them dear
He keeps them near
When a tear drops,
Drops for those loved dear
When a tear runs down,
Runs for those not here
He catches them
He does not let them burst
Like a diamond
Is their worth
Like a child
He holds them dear
Precious tears
Precious tears
His heart breaks
His heart longs
He longs to comfort
He longs to draw near
He gathers our tears
He draws us near
He gives us peace for our tears
He gives us grace for our tears
He comes to comfort
He comes to draw us near
He gathers us in our arms
He lets us tear
He lays our head on His shoulder
With His hair He gathers our tears
Not one wasted
Not one let disappear
He keeps them near.
He keeps them dear.
Tender is His heart.
Tender is His arms.
He comforts our hearts
He comforts His heart
Then He gives.
Then He dries.
Gives us joy.
Dries our tears.
He replaces pain with Joy.
But He keeps those tears near
He keeps the dear.
But who will keep?
Keep His tears near?
Kevin Samuel


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