Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Prayer for this Little One

Please pray…My middle son Jesse’s baby Kylie’s condition is worsening. What was originally thought to be the cute way she squeaked when she breathed has been found to be part of a serious health condition that prevents her from getting enough oxygen.(Laryngeal stridor is a whistling noise coming from the baby as he breathes, usually associated with distress.) She has been hospitalized once, and now needs constant monitoring. Jesse’s wife, Cathy returned to the east coast to have the baby due to a need for insurance, so she returned to her old job. Following is an excerpt from Cathy’s e-mail:

“They had almost trached her but thank god she was able to bring her o2 back up on her own. They put a camera down her throat and found that her trachea is lazy it is called Laryngeal trachea maylshia with Gerd and that go hand and hand. they don't know if she will out grow it or require surgery it is a waiting game right now. They are treating her for gerd she is not to have thin liquids so we have to thicken her formula she has to have a sleep study in a couple of weeks I don't even know what that is for. Her weight is not where it should be so if it continues that way they will do the surgery. I basically don't sleep because i am up all night checking her breathing and of course still have to work because the medical bills our through the roof. “

She is not gaining weight and growing like she should, because most of her calories are being burned up in the effort it takes to breath. Please pray for her, please pray for Cathy.



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