Monday, February 05, 2007

Evangelism Kleenex Style

Kleenex does Evangelism. I love this simplicity of this idea, Corporate America used it to sell a product. However, there is nothing wrong with the Kingdom of God using it to share the good news. Can you imagine we set up a couch a chair and invite the world to share their story. When they are done sharing we offer to pray for them. Then unbenknowst to them we usher them before the "Throne Room." Maybe we invite them to church, but more importantly we let them encounter the living Jesus. A couch, a chair, and a video way to minister to our world.

I have heard of Christians putting up prayer tables, preaching, and passing out tracks; but what if we listened and then instead of giving them an "MLM style" rehearsed call to salvation; What if we asked Jesus what He was thinking right then at that moment about this person? What if we then had the boldness to share that scripture or encouraging word? What if we actually listened, loved, and then earned their trust? "Let them know how much you really care and then they will care how much you really know."

Evangelism is more than marketing and yet I think in this case the Marketers have "gotten it"!



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