Monday, February 05, 2007

The Next Wave of PC Users

The $100 Un-PC
Rajesh Jain thinks the next billion computer users hold the key to the industry's next big innovation.

By Jason Overdorf
Newsweek International

Feb. 12, 2007 issue - In a humble residential neighborhood in the south Indian city of Chennai, Hema Malini—a quiet 13-year-old girl whose hair was braided with jasmine flowers—switched on the family television and a curious new device called Nova NetTV that was connected to the TV and a keyboard. In a few seconds, the Microsoft Windows logo appeared, and suddenly her TV was transformed into a PC. With her mother looking on proudly, Hema fired up encyclopedia software, checked her e-mail and Googled for a site that offers free versions of Nintendo's Mario Bros. games. Read it all Here

This is so clear not only to growing the business world, but "Making the World Flat" as David Sliker spoke on recently. Also will access for a billion more people to the gospel via blogging.



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