Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Pray for Rolland & Heidi Baker

Here is an urgent prayer need from Rolland and Heidi Baker -

I'm in a conference in a town in Gaza Province in southern Mozambique while Heidi is in Pemba... I just got a call from her about a very serious situation for Iris (Iris is the name of their ministry) that erupted today in Pemba.

As you may imagine, Moslem leaders and the more Marxist and anti-foreign elements in Mozambique are very agitated about our growth and influence in this country. Such leaders in Pemba have actually expressed their outrage at Iris when they cannot even prevent their own children from coming to church and getting filled with the Spirit.

You may remember how we were evicted from our center in 1997 by Marxists, and had everything taken from us. Something similar is being attempted now in Pemba.

Todamajoy a r story appeared on the front page of Pemba's newspaper, apparently instigated by people anxious for ou r removal from Mozambique. It was blatantly reported for the whole city to read, among many other things, that we are using North American religion to subvert the government, that we are anti-Frelimo (the political party now in power), that all our contacts with leaders are designed to undermine the party, we're anti-black and anti-Africa, etc., etc.

Heidi has spent ten years becoming Mozambican in heart and soul, and has a permanent Mozambican visa. Everything she does is for "her" country, Mozambique. But the article is describing her as deceptive and treacherous. She feels so attacked and devastated... The threat is real. Last year the government very nearly tore down our center with its buildings at our expense.

We are meeting with the editor, and want to write an article in response together with a Mozambican lawyer. Meanwhile, we are asking you our friends to have your networks pray for us... This is yet another critical hour...

On we go in Jesus... --Much love, Rolland and Heidi

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Incredibles Ain't Got Nothing On Us!

Yvette's "MUST READ" Book of the Month

A Visitation of Jesus Christ by Wendy Alec

For as we enter the twenty-first century, there is a cry that would ring out from Jesus Christ of Nazareth, as He who neither slumbers nor sleeps, walks even today through the streets of London, Rome, New York, Beirut, Los Angeles, Delhi, His cheeks wet with tears for a lost and fatherless generation neither cognizant of His presence nor caring. But still He walks . . . unseen . . . and still He weeps. Oh, and how long has He sought you, beloved? How many nights has He stood listening silently waiting in the shadows unseen by you? And as you lift up your tear-stained face to Him, half blinded by the radiance from that most beautiful of countenances, He reaches out His hand to you and His touch lingers on your cheek as He brushes away the tears that flow. And He smiles that most wondrous of smiles. You? you mouth soundlessly. And you hear His tender whisper: I have sought you all your life. Through all the pain, through the loneliness, I have sought you. Each time your heart broke soundlessly with the agony of not belonging, I sought you. Through each rejection, through each hour of despair, I sought you. I was there, loving you. Reaching out to you. It was Me all along. And as your eyelids gently close, as you are engulfed in His tender embrace and the tears fall, somewhere through the sands of time in the netherland betwixt sleeping and waking, you recognize that familiar presence and you too know that He was there. It was He all along.

During a ten day period in November of 1999, Wendy Alec received a visitation from the Lord Jesus Christ. He spoke of mercy, He warned of judgment... on the world's trading systems, on the media...Upon the church. He wept.In two later separate visitations, He spoke in anguish of the last days assignments against the elect. He warned of the great blinding, of seduction, lust and Jezebel and the great falling away...This is the extraordinary record of His discourse.He Speaks of:


That where you have counted to no man, beloved, you are exceeding more value than rubies to Him. That where no man takes you up He comes with His mighty arm of mercy and compassion. For the Master Himself would whisper to your heart. Dearly beloved you are not forgotten.

Monday, May 22, 2006

God Is Love God Gives Us Love

"I love my God, but with no love of mine,
For I have none to give;
I love thee, Lord; but all the love is Thine,
For by thy life I live.
I am as nothing, and rejoice to be,
Emptied, and lost, and swallowed up in Thee.

Thou, Lord alone, art all Thy children need,
And there is none beside;
From Thee the streams of blessedness proceed
In Thee the blest abide, -
Fountain of life, and all abounding grace,
Our source, our center, and our dwelling place.

Jeanne Marie De La Motte-Guyon 1648-1717

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Prayers from Friends


1. Tatiana - to be able to pass the entry for running start. Also for her attitude towards authority and life.
2. Isaiah - healing to his body and help with homework
3. That we continue to be able to finish the house and get good estimates and for the lawsuit to give financial blessing with it

1. Cousin Tylee got diagnosed with a disease that affects muscles. Get better and stay our of hospital.
2. Dog ran away
3. Mom is stressed out

1. Susan gets medical help, she may have some (very) serious medical problems and her 'panic mode' is not helping.
2. Work - my managers and co-workers learn communication something we are lacking.

1. Arielle keeps her eyes open and her head up
2. Grandma stays healthy
3. Mom relax
4. Breanna makes smart choices and court goes good!
5. Stay doing good
6. Everyone has a nice day

1. Off early or off all together on May 20 our 17 year anniversary
2. Back yard gets done

1. Cassidy's health......fever and nausea
update...on the 4th day she finally started feeling better!
2. Friend Lisa was just diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy

1. To seek him more
2. Help organize things in my life and home
3. Joy

1. Continued prayer for Lonnie that him mental health improves and his family situation is resolved
2. Prayer for Lindy's relationship dilemma's and that the Lord will give her the answers to the right direction to take with the right person and give me the words to let the others down gently.
3. Continued prayer that Lindy's stress goes away and health and peace return.
4. Pray that the allergy shots for cat allergy work for me

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Prayer Works

“Intro” Helps Couple Adopt a Baby Girl
Just 24 hours away from their appearance before the Judge who had the power and authority to grant or deny the adoption of this beautiful little girl, they needed favor with the court for final approval and more than $5,000 to cover court fees. No money no adoption. They believed the Lord wanted them to be Mom & Dad to this little girl. Her birth mother fully supported them as the adoptive parents. But where would they get $5,000 in less than 24 hours? Our “Intro” family began a prayer session for the success of this adoption. Then spontaneously people began giving. Without any “human manipulation” this little band raised well over the $5,000. This particular Judge has a tough reputation. So we all prayed. The next morning the Judge looked up from the bench, said “Congratulations” and signed the documents. God is so good! Prayer works! Never cease praying.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Thoughts from a friend

"Thinking yesterday while driving...Love is the great enlarger of the heart isn' it. How we limit the power of love to enlarge our hearts when we don't remain in Him, remain in His love. How limitless could our hearts be in ability to love Him and one another...could it even be measured...oh, we must come into this love walk in all its dimensions, all it nuances, its hints and subtle ways. I can give my body to be burned, I can give all my finances to the poor, I can have faith that raises the dead, I can have giftings and callings and anointings, I can have knowledge and revelation...I can have it all, and not have love and have a small heart, isn't that amazing. Enlarge my heart in love, by love, with love, because of love, for love...oh God, till it has no borders, no walls, no boundaries, no barriers..."

Thoughts from a friend

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Songs From The Prayer Room

Your Friend (Derek Loux copyright)
(Song of Songs)

Laugh with me,
cry with me.
Sing to Your favorite one,
Dance and romance with me.
Sing of Your beauty Lord.

Someone You can talk to
Someone You can laugh with
Someone You can whisper the secrets of Your heart
Someone who has time to hear Your words and love you
Someone You can sing to
I want to be Your friend.
I want to be Your friend.
I want to be Yours1

Laugh with me
Cry with me
Sing to Your favorite one
Dance and Romance with Me
Reveal Your beauty Lord.

Monday, May 08, 2006




God desires to a people or a person with whom He can habitate with, in the midst of, just like Adam & Eve experienced before the fall. We cry out for revival asking God for a "visitation", but God isn't interested in visiting and then leaving. He wants full custody of our lives. Visitation is when a "parenting plan" determines how much impact each parent will have on their child(ren). When and where they can see their kids and even what they can do. God has no intention of bringing "revival" He wants to bring habitation, on His terms. His terms are much bigger, grander, and just plain better than ours.God will not share custody of us with another. Scriptures are full of references to the "jealousy" of God. Jesus deserves full custody of our lives. He has no intention of sharing us with another.

Revival is asking God for visitation. Habitation is asking God to make a resting place for His Spirit in our lives so that we are changed and then can produce fruit that remains.--the fruit of the Spirit.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A People of One Thing

A People of One Thing… Ps 27:4 One thing I have desired of the LORD, That will I seek: That I may dwell in the house of the LORD All the days of my life, To behold the beauty of the LORD, and to inquire in His temple.

Andy Stanley once said, “Vision is a clear picture of what could be; fueled by the conviction that it should be!” Our vision is to help believers develop deep lives of prayer, worship, and fellowship with God.

It’s simply the First Commandment: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and body. From that place flows the Second Commandment to love our neighbor as ourselves. The second commandment is comprised of the compassion, mercy, and evangelism works or the fruit of the Spirit which should grow in every Christ-Follower.

Biblical ministry always flows from the place of prayer. Mary of Bethany was an ordinary young, single woman with no exceptional leadership gifts or public ministry. There was nothing you or I would note as exceptional about her, an ordinary woman of her day. All that scripture tells us of her paints a picture of extreme devotion. Her life is remembered as a life that moved God. Each time this Mary appears scripture, she was sitting at the feet of Jesus (Lk 10:39;Jn 11:32; 12:3)

Luke 10:42 “But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her.” Mike Bickle has this to say about her: “Mary had one thing beating in her heart, and nobody could pull it away from her. This “one thing” is not the only thing in the kingdom of God. Jesus did not say, “There is only one thing that you will do in the Christian life.” Rather, He pointed to Mary’s heart of devotion and said that such a gazing heart is all you need to focus on: the rest will flow from that. Joyful intimacy with God is the great power source of the kingdom of God. It’s the means by which the Holy Spirit continually supplies the heart with power.”

A wise person once said, “You can not give what you don’t have.” So we are here in Kansas City to learn more than simply the mechanics of building a House of Prayer, but rather to become lives of prayer. We are currently involved full time in the Intro to IHOP- Internship. After this internship ends we will go on staff as full time intercessory missionaries (non paid 50 hour a week position.) The time is split with 30 hours in the prayer room and 20 hours of dedicated ministry service. Nearly 500 full time intercessory missionaries like us live a life of prayer together in community (Acts 2). By the Lord's grace, He will draw us to a deeper place as we go together into His heart. We spend our days in the prayer room studying, praying, interceding, and meditating on Scripture with others who are hungry for a reality in Christ. Then, we go out and minister to the world around us.