Monday, April 30, 2007

Which Super Hero Are You?

You've read the comics, watched the cartoons, own the DVD's. Bought the costumes and maybe even wore the "Underroos". Did you scale the walls, or jump off roofs? Which Superhero are you most like? I took the quiz and found out the Superman is most like Chris. You can call me Super ChriS
You are Superman

Wonder Woman
The Flash
Green Lantern
Iron Man
You are mild-mannered, good,
strong and you love to help others.

Click here to take the Superhero Personality Quiz

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Misty Edwards On God TV Live Friday Night

This weekend GOD TV is privileged to give you a taste of immense passion for Jesus when we come to you LIVE from the International House of Prayer in Kansas City.

There is a new sound in the Church today... the heartfelt cry of worship leaders like Jason Upton and Darlene Zschech. Those worshippers who have touched the heart of the Father, and are uniquely equipped to usher the Bride of Christ into the Lord’s presence.

One of these is the unassuming Misty Edwards who GOD TV viewers have come to love. Join the IHOP worship leader in exalting the King of Kings together with GOD TV’s newly appointed Head of Prayer and the director of IHOP, Mike Bickle who will lead you in a time of spirit saturating prayer and life-bringing teaching that will upturn your priorities and ultimately recharge the way you pray.

Don’t miss this remarkable LIVE link on GOD TV Friday, April 27 at 10pm and Saturday, April 28 at 5pm.You can also read an article about Misty on our website . All Times are Eastern Time Zone...adjust accordingly.


Two Wise Guys Speak From Beyond!

"Good Charachter is the best tombstone...carve your name on hearts, not marble." who am I?

"What a man is before God, that he is, and no more."

who am I?


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New Series Soon To Be Unleashed Upon The Web!

Who would you add to the cast?


For Those Who Are In The Cube!

Finally, the drudgery of corporate life has been captured in a play set for adults! Bob, Joe, Ted, and Ann spend eight hours a day, five days a week, at tiny desks in tiny cubicles in a giant room packed with countless similar cubicles in a giant building filled with countless similar rooms.

Bob, Ted, Ann, and Joe each come with one 2-3/4" posable plastic figure and all the necessary plastic parts to build a classic corporate cube: four walls, desk, chair, file cabinet, in/out box, phone, and computer. Comes with a sticker sheet of decor for your cube, complete with graphs, charts, screens for the computer and pithy office posters. Also includes a job title sticker sheet so you can create a convoluted and meaningless position for your employee (how about Level C Systems Associate? Or Senior Accounting Coordinator?). Each additional set comes with the figures noted, plus character specific accessories.

Who Am I?

"Here me every church without a prayer meeting condemns us; every dry eye among us condemns us; Unless we repent now, unless we fast and weep now, woe unto us at the judgment."


If You Don't Got It Right Don't Come Here!

Church Marketing Professionals.

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Hal Lindhart’s New Bus

Monday, April 23, 2007

The Power of a Focused life starts with a plan and is accomplished at optimum pace with a planner. But what style of planner is best for you? The Guys at Web Worker Daily wrote two great articles and they are linked below if you want to read them.

As web workers, we have access to many online to do list managers like Remember The Milk, 37Signals’ Ta-da Lists, and Zoho Planner. But I prefer pen and paper, and I’m not the only one. In his summary of Web 2.0 Summit demos, Richard MacManus admits he uses paper notebooks. Speaking about drawing his business card cartoons, gapingvoid’s Hugh MacLeod says “there’s a certain je ne sais quoi you only get with ink on paper.” And we all know people who can’t live without their Moleskines.

How is pen on paper better than online or electronic to do lists?

Post One

Post Two

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Piper Says It Well...I Won't Editorialize

From John Piper's article, "Tsunami and Repentance.")

Every deadly calamity is a merciful call from God for the living to repent. “Weep with those who weep,” the Bible says. Yes, but let us also weep for our own rebellion against the living God. Lesson one: weep for the dead. Lesson two: weep for yourselves.

Every deadly calamity is a merciful call from God for the living to repent. That was Jesus’ stunning statement to those who brought him news of calamity. The tower of Siloam had fallen, and 18 people were crushed. What about this, Jesus? they asked. He answered, “Do you think that they were worse offenders than all the others who lived in Jerusalem? No, I tell you; but unless you repent, you will all likewise perish” (Luke 13:4-5).

The point of every deadly calamity is this: Repent. Let our hearts be broken that God means so little to us. Grieve that he is a whipping boy to be blamed for pain, but not praised for pleasure. Lament that he makes headlines only when man mocks his power, but no headlines for ten thousand days of wrath withheld. Let us rend our hearts that we love life more than we love Jesus Christ. Let us cast ourselves on the mercy of our Maker. He offers it through the death and resurrection of his Son.

This is the point of all pleasure and all pain. Pleasure says: “God is like this, only better; don’t make an idol out of me. I only point to him.” Pain says: “What sin deserves is like this, only worse; don’t take offense at me. I am a merciful warning.”
. . .
David Hart, writing in the Wall Street Journal, ... pronounces: “No Christian is licensed to utter odious banalities about God’s inscrutable counsels or blasphemous suggestions that all this mysteriously serves God’s good ends.”

These responses are foreseen in Scripture: “I killed your young men with the sword ... yet you did not return to me, declares the Lord” (Amos 4:10). “They cursed the name of God who had power over these plagues. They did not repent and give him glory” (Revelation 16:9).
Contrary to Hart’s pronouncement, the Christian Scriptures do indeed license us to speak of God’s “inscrutable counsels” and how he works in all things for mysterious good ends. To call this banal and blasphemous is like a bird calling the wind under its wing wicked.

Jesus said that the minutest event in nature is under the control of God. “Are not two sparrows sold for a penny?And not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father” (Matthew 10:29). He said this to give hope to those who would be killed for his name.
He himself stood on the sea and stopped the waves with a single word (Mark 4:39). Even if Nature or Satan unleashed the deadly tidal wave, one word from Jesus would have stopped it. He did not speak it. This means there is design in this suffering. And all his designs are wise and just and good.

One of his designs is my repentance. Therefore I will not put God on trial. I am on trial.... Come. Repentance is a good place to be.

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Revival At The Crystal Cathedral?

Daredevil Evel Knievel's testimony triggers mass baptisms at Crystal Cathedral. On Palm Sunday, hundreds responded to Robert "Evel" Knievel's testimony by asking to be baptized on the spot at Crystal Cathedral. Speaking alongside the Rev. Robert H. Schuller, Knievel told the congregation in Orange County, California, how he had refused for 68 years to accept Jesus Christ as Lord. He believed in God, but he couldn't walk away from the gold and the gambling and the booze and the women. Between over 500 people accepted Jesus and responded in faith with baptism. It was a spontaneous unplanned moment. Read It All Here!

Awesome Testimony From Josh Constable

Do not have long, but wanted to update everyone what is going on with me and what miracle God has performed again. I rode up to Chicago with the team going to Africa with only $200 I needed for the trip, which left me close to $3,000 short. The leadership of the team was allowing me to travel with my packed suitcases and no money or plane ticket for that matter. By the time arriving in Chicago, the money had NOT yet come in so I had to tel the team bye and head back in the van to Indianapolis with the driver.

Upon being gone from the airport and wondering what the Lord was doing and how I "Missed Hearing Him on this one" and discussing with the van driver what God was teaching me, van driver received a phone call from the leader of our trip 15-20 minutes later and he said "Bring Joshua back, the money just got provided for him and he is going with us..." Praise to the name of Jesus! This was NOT a 11th hour, or a 11:59 minute situation, this was a 12:01 moment!!! I was in tears of how God did it again and really moved on the situation to bring me to where He called me forth to in Africa.

I will share more details later after 17 hours in Germany, and than arrived in Ethiopia for a 10 hour layover and then on a plane to Sudan...where we were deported (details later), and went onto Egypt and then back to Ethiopia where we have been last couple of days. We will be heading out Mon. to Djibouti for a week before heading back to America.

This is brief but I will share details later when have more time or when I get back in America on May 2 or 3. Depending how much sleep I need since we have been lacking between airport stays and airplanes. We have been tested greatly as a team, but it is amazing watching what the Lord Jesus is doing in this time.

Please keep our team in prayer and for me personally on what the Lord has for me upon my return to America, as the Lord is opening some doors for me and I am not sure what He has me to go through. Thank you all. Be blessed in Jesus name!

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

New Blogger add to Worlds Largest IHOP-KC Blogroll

Will The Real Rev. Bob Please Stand Up!
He calls it the Road to Utopia...warning for those from drier climates...
his road just might be covered in moss. Both of these guys know a lot about of them has something to say if you'll listen. He lives in the American Emerald Isle and loves all things and most people IHOP-KC He has some kids and a few friends around these parts. So stop by visit His Blog and leave comments even if you ain't sure if he just cracked a joke. He grows on you kinda like Moss in the Emerald Isle.

His 501c3 Deliverance Ministry is called...Three Stooges Demon Busters. If you ask he just might tell you about it. He took one of them "Spiritual Gifts" tests once...Drinking Coffee and Telling Stories was at the top. So have you discover which one is Gus and who is the Rev. Bob?

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No It Wasn't Just A Nightmare...It Really Happened!

They are more than just nameless/faceless people. They are daughters, sons, husbands, wives, a grandfather and holocaust survivor. They are image bearers...created in the Image of God...their lives snuffed out prematurely by evil. The New York time has a page with pictures and biographies of these real people.
Why do we pray? Why a 24/7 House of Prayer? Isn't this a bit extreme, doesn't Jesus want us to be normal and fit into society? No, he wants us to be rescue you personnel sent from His Kingdom to reach as many as will say Yes to His offer of LIFE! We pray because our prayers are effective and hold back darkness. As more is learned about this killer and his profile, we must ask ourselves why aren't there more of these attacks? I belive it is because our prayers (believers all over the world) restrain evil and influences people to restrain wickedness.
Today as you pray remember these families and pray for those in your neighborhood, office, school, or jobsite that might "snap"...pray they will respond to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and change. Pray that the seducing voice of the "Accuser", "The Liar" "The Deciever" will be diminished.
Pray also for the Family of this murderer! How terrible their pain, loss, and grief is this day! Lift them up. Oh, that someday family members of victims could show compassion and forgivness to these victims also, just as the Amish did when their children were murdered at school.
Lord, cause your church to rise up and be the church. Fill us with the life of your Word and the Power of Your Spirit that we may have something of true value to give the world aroung us. Father cause us to realize the power of our prayers though they seem weak to us they are mighty in the Spirit Realm. Give a hunger, desire, and passion to pray in the heart of all Christ-Followers.

Islamic faith healers condemn 'charlatans'

ABU DHABI (AFP) - Witch doctors have "soiled the image of Islam" by prescribing harmful treatments in the guise of faith healing, according to Muslim clerics and doctors who gathered in Abu Dhabi to affirm the healing powers of the Koran.

Delegates agreed that the Koran has healing powers, with some going so far as to claim that the holy book can cure AIDS' and some forms of cancer.

Sheikh Jallul Hajimi, an official in the Algerian ministry of religious affairs, told AFP he had cured "Europeans suffering from mental and sexual illnesses that psychologists and neurologists had failed to treat."

"More than 400 people have converted to Islam after receiving Koranic medical treatments," added his colleague, Sheikh Abu Muslim Balhamr.

Many Muslims believe the Koran can cure illness. The most common treatment consists of drinking water with pieces of paper bearing Koranic verses dissolved in it.

In what he described as a blending of the longstanding practice with modern technology, Sharif Shukran, an Algerian biomedical engineer attending the conference, proposed transforming the sound of Koranic verses into electromagnetic waves and passing them through the water instead.

Read it all HERE.


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Just Plain Funny...Not Fightn Words!


Families Remembered and Victims Never Forgotten.

Pray for the family members and friends of these victims by name. Lift them up! Father, I ask that precious Holy Spirit, would pursue, surround, infill, these family members in their grief. If they do not know You, draw them to yourself so that they recieve Lasting Comfort from the true Comforter. Give them your peace and strength as they grieve the loss of the ones they loved. Jesus, you wept over the death of one you loved. You know their pain and turmoil.

In Jesus Name!

A list of some of the victims of the shootings at Virginia Tech:
_ Ross Abdallah Alameddine, 20, of Saugus, Mass., according to his mother, Lynnette Alameddine.
_ Christopher James Bishop, 35, according to Darmstadt University of Technology in Germany, where he helped run an exchange program.
_ Brian Bluhm, 25, formerly of Detroit, according to friend Michael Marshall. His death also was announced before the Detroit-Kansas City baseball game.
_ Ryan Clark, 22, of Martinez, Ga., biology and English major, according to Columbia County Coroner Vernon Collins.
_ Austin Cloyd, an international studies major from Blacksburg, Va., according to Terry Harter, senior pastor at First United Methodist Church in Champaign, Ill., where Cloyd and her family lived before moving to Blacksburg.
_ Jocelyne Couture-Nowak, a French instructor, according to her husband, Jerzy Nowak, the head of the horticulture department at Virginia Tech.
_ Daniel Perez Cueva, 21, killed in his French class, according to his mother, Betty Cueva, of Peru.
_ Kevin Granata, age unknown, engineering science and mechanics professor, according to Ishwar K. Puri, the head of the engineering science and mechanics department.
_ Caitlin Hammaren, 19, of Westtown, N.Y., a sophomore majoring in international studies and French, according to Minisink Valley, N.Y., school officials who spoke with Hammaren's family.
_ Jeremy Herbstritt, 27, of Bellefonte, Pa., according to Penn State University, his alma mater and his father's employer.
_ Rachael Hill, 18, of Glen Allen, Va., according to her father, Guy Hill.
_ Emily Jane Hilscher, a 19-year-old freshman from Woodville, according to Rappahannock County Administrator John W. McCarthy, a family friend.
_ Jarrett L. Lane, according to Riffe's Funeral Service Inc. in Narrows, Va.
_ Matthew J. La Porte, 20, a freshman from Dumont, N.J., according to Dumont Police Chief Brian Venezio.
_ Liviu Librescu, 76, engineering science and mathematics lecturer, according to Puri.
_ G.V. Loganathan, 51, civil and environmental engineering professor, according to his brother G.V. Palanivel.
_ Partahi Lumbantoruan, 34, of Indonesia, civil engineering doctoral student, according to Kristiarto Legowo, a spokesman for the Indonesian foreign ministry.
_ Lauren McCain, 20, of Hampton, Va., international studies major, according to a statement from the family.
_ Daniel O'Neil, 22, of Rhode Island, according to close friend Steve Craveiro and according to Eric Cardenas of Connecticut College, where O'Neil's father, Bill, is director of major gifts.
_ Juan Ramon Ortiz, a 26-year-old graduate student in engineering from Bayamon, Puerto Rico, according to his wife, Liselle Vega Cortes.
_ Mary Karen Read, 19, of Annandale, Va. according to her aunt, Karen Kuppinger, of Rochester, N.Y.
_ Reema J. Samaha, 18, a freshman from Centreville, Va., according to her family.


Monday, April 16, 2007

Would You Recognize Him?

Joshua Bell is one of the world's greatest violinists. His instrument of choice is a 3.5 million dollar Stradivarius. If he played it for spare change, incognito, outside a bustling Metro stop in Washington, would anyone notice? What happens? Read Pearls Before Breakfast here Visit Bell's site Ian blogged about it first...thanks bro!


Who Am I? A Cloud of Witnesses!

"It is not enough for the believer to begin to pray, nor to pray correctly; nor is it enough to continue for a time to pray. We must patiently, believingly continue in prayer until we obtain an answer. Further, we have not only to continue in prayer until the end, but we have also to believe that God does hear us and will answer our prayers. Most frequently we fail in not continuing in prayer until the blessing is obtained, and in not expecting the blessing. Those who are disciples of the Lord Jesus should labor with all their might in the work of God as if everything depended upon their own endeavors. Yet, having done so, they should not in the least trust in their labor and efforts, nor in the means that they use for the spread of the truth, but in God alone; and they should with all earnestness seek the blessing of God in persevering, patient, and believing prayer. Here is the great secret of success, my Christian reader. Work with all your might, but never trust in your work. Pray with all your might for the blessing in God, but work at the same time with all diligence, with all patience, with all perseverance. Pray, then, and work. Work and pray. And still again pray, and then work. And so on, all the days of your life. The result will surely be abundant blessing. Whether you see much fruit or little fruit, such kind of service will be blessed."


Redifining Theological Education...Allen Hood


Church Bans "Amen"

Church Replaces "Amen"

"Times are changing and so are we."

That's the opinion of Mark Levy, pastor of Fresh Winds Church of God. For some time now Levy's church of 500 has moved away from many of the traditional elements of worship into new approaches. One of those approaches is doing away with the word "amen" and replacing it with a new more "relevant" phrase - "boo-yeah."

"We're here to worship today, boo-yeah?" Levy enthusiastically asks his congregation. "Boo-Yeah!" they all respond in unison.

Throughout the church's worship time "amen" is consistently replaced. Praise and Worship songs are changed. After prayers the one praying will say "And all God's people said..." to which the congregation replies appropriately. "Amen" is even replaced in the Scripture readings Levy uses.

As Levy begins his sermon Deuteronomy 27:16 appears on the church's overhead projector;

"Cursed is the man who dishonors his father or his mother." Then all the people shall say, "Boo-Yeah!"

"We're just keeping with the times." Said Levy. "The word 'amen' has become so old and outdated. People don't want to walk around saying 'amen' anymore. We need something that really grabs people's attention, something powerful. I truly think that 'boo-yeah' is our own modern day 'amen.'(Thanks Tom)


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Splat Experience...Will Move You!

This was performed at Woodside Church in Troy, Michigan. Visit here.Marc Eckel
Splat Experience Performance Artist and Event Administrator...visit his site!

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Monday, April 09, 2007

Extreme Offering...Barry Bates


99 Balloons...This Will Make You Cry!


That's My King!

The late S.M. Lockridge once presented this incredible message describing God and who He is. Though God can't be described with mere words, this is as close as you can get this side of Heaven.

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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Bill Johnson's Church Testimonies Available

Many of you know of the incredible work everyone is doing at Bill Johnson's Church in Redding California. Now Mac users (I ain't one) can download their new Dashboard Widgets. You'll read a new testimony each day. Also check out their weekly sermon download.


Monday, April 02, 2007

Who Am I?

“What America needs is an old-fashioned, Holy Ghost, God-sent, soul-savin’, devil-hatin’ revival!